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"Best Fishing In the World"

Doug H.
June 2014

Adventure SportfishingAdventure Sportfishing

I took my 3 sons to Hooked on Panama Lodge for 4 days of fishing. I had high expectations and those were exceeded. The end result was all three boys caught their first black marlin on the same day.

Adventure SportfishingAdventure Sportfishing The boys totaled out with 8 marlin both blacks and blues released, 2 sails released, and I caught a 62.5 inch Rooster fish. The dinning and staff are outstanding. Safe. Highly recommended.

Adventure SportfishingAdventure Sportfishing



Adventure Sportfishing owner, Fred Stephens has arranged our fishing trips for over 20 years. Ocotal Costa Rica was our first, then Los Suenos and Quepos, Tropic Star Lodge (3X) and to Cabo, most recently Hooked on Panama Lodge this February.

It's almost impossible to describe Fred's services other than to say "he is amazing!" Every aspect of the trip (transfers, lodging, boats) from beginning to end arranged flawlessly, we have never had an issue or glitch with any of our travel plans.


At first we got to know Fred only through phone conversations. We always knew it was Fred calling because of his distinctive warm and pleasant voice. He was always available for any questions and concerns, and frequently called with fishing reports and always to wish us a good trip. Throughout these years, phone calls after phone calls, we became good friends.

It wasn't until our most recent trip to Hooked on Panama Lodge in February, that we actually got to meet Fred. he joined us at the lodge and we spent time reminiscing and planning future fishing trips. Fred can always suggest a wonderful place that he knows firsthand. We had a blast at Hooked on Panama Lodge, the fishing was great as well as the accommodations, meals, boats, captains, mates and support staff. Dan, Connie and Rex were wonderful hosts and deserve high praise for thier personal touch and camaraderie during our stay. We hope to return soon.

Rick & Rebecca Weisenburger
Murphy, North Carolina
Feb. 23, 2012



Dear Fred,

Here he is, his majesty the black marlin at 510 lbs caught from Tropic Star Lodge last week, exactly 32 years ago when I was 40 years old, I also caught a 510 lb black marlin at Tropic Star Lodge in 1980, and it happened the same way, it got tangled up and died, so we had to bring him up. Coincidence, I wonder?

On Sunday I caught a blue of 280 lbs, on Monday I caught the 510 black, and on Tuesday I caught two more blacks 300 lbs and 350 lbs. I ended up the angler for the week at the lodge out of 32 people. We also caught a broomtail grouper, red snapper, cubera snapper, dorado, jack cravele and a 200 lb black fin shark. The best fishing week of my 34 years since 1978, what a challenge and a thrill for me at almost 72, fishing with my friend Julio Meza, an amazing and unique angler.

Thanks again for setting us up with captain Candelo and his Mate Mario, it was a pleasure to see you and meet Silvana and your brother Mike in Panama City, and congratulations to Silvana on her first sailfish.

Tight Lines my friend,

Rudolfo Nelson
Feb. 20, 2012




Hi Fred,

Thank you for coordinating another challenging trip. I forget how many we have done together from as many as 42 people down to 12. But I think it has been around 10 trips. Each better than the past. As always the transfers and in country transportation, boats, 10 in one day, hotel accommodations 21 rooms, and 5 charter flights went off without a hitch. Carlos' attention in Quepos is a blessing. He was always around to answer questions and provide translation and transportation when needed.

I cannot recommend Adventure Sportfishing highly enough ! No matter what challenge I come up with you handle it. I probably have the record for the thickest file in your office with all the changes that took place on this trip. As always my next booking will be with Adventure Sportfishing! Thanks , Fred.

Paul Hardin
St. Petersburg, FL



After spending over 13 years taking trips to Panama,Mexico, Costa Rica and Alaska in the capable hands of Adventure Sportfishing, I have nothing but the very highest praise for Fred Stephens and his entire booking operation.. When we arrive at one of his top quality fishing destinations, we have all of the correct documents in our hands, our contacts are always there with signs to get our attention to whisk us away in a nice van to our hotel or our next air connection. The hotels where we stay are outstanding with the best of service and amenities. The fishing is as good as it gets--sometimes I think they even control the weather. The fishing boats and gear are of top professional quality and the captains and mates are totally focused on their tasks. If this sounds like a commercial for Adventure Sportfishing - it is intended to be so. Why? Because Adventure Sportfishing has "delivered the goods" for our group of traveling fishermen every year at such a high level for so long . They are consistent.

They are the consummate professionals at taking care of the sportfisherman looking for new experiences or the same great experience again and again at destinations around the world.

Dr. Robert Linder
Houston, Texas



Fred Stephens and Adventure Sport fishing do it right. For the past 3 years, eight of my best friends, which are old high school buddies, have ventured down to Costa Rica for some of the best fishing and definitely, the most fun we have ever had as a group. Everything is perfect, from the time we are picked up at the airport until we are taken back... We have never experienced this kind of service on any of our many trips. The guys cannot believe how smooth everything runs, we are always picked up on time and the people Fred uses are very appreciative and respectful. Fred gives great advice on restaurants to try as well as things to consider doing while in Costa Rica. I would highly recommend going ATV riding if you choose the Quepos trip. The people Fred uses are trustworthy, fun to be around, and know the ropes. We are going back this year in December.

Phil and the Boys from the Hoosier state



When it comes to fishing, it's all about location and experience. You can't replace 25 years of experience and personal relationships with the best captains and crews around the world. Fred knows what it's all about; putting his customers on fish, in the best locations. Take it from me, I am a six-year, returning customer and have sent over 70 anglers fishing with Fred. You will never be disappointed.

Dan Goslee
USCG Master Captain
Cape Cod, MA



It’s a tremendous pleasure being a customer of Fred Stephens’ Adventure Sportfishing for decades.  The sense of security, confidence and excitement that Fred gives my friends, family and me as he sends us around the world in search of fantastic fishing opportunities is truly unparalleled. 

No one compares with Fred for many different reasons.  He listens and understands and is very attentive to our particular needs and desires.  He pays attention to all those little details that really end up making the difference between a potentially mediocre trip and a terrific one.  Fred has first hand intimate knowledge of all the places he sends us.  He knows the airports, ground transportation, lodging, boats, tackle, captains, etc.  Yes, he really knows all about wherever we’re going next!

Fred cares.  He cares about every aspect of our trip and tries to make it the best trip of our lives every single time! 

Because of Fred’s knowledge, we always go to our next exciting destination knowing what to expect and how to handle all the different circumstances we may encounter.

Fred is one of the most outstanding and accomplished fishermen, that you will ever have the opportunity to meet!  Please know that this makes a gigantic difference in where he will send you, how he prepares you and all of the arrangements he’ll make for you.  I’ve had the chance to fish with Fred many times and they’ve included some of the absolutely most wonderful trips of my entire life.

Thanks a million, Fred!  You’ve given me some of the greatest times of my life and I’ll always be thankful and grateful.  I can hardly wait for the next trip!

Mark Mooschekian
San Clemente, California
October 9, 2007




Rebecca and I have been booking fishing trips with Fred Stephens of Adventure Sportfishing for the past 15 years, primarily to Central America destinations. Not only have we experienced some of the finest billfishing action, and excellent accommodations, but due to his organizational talents, we have never suffered any “mess ups”. Everything has always gone as planned. Which isn’t always the way it goes in the 3rd world!

His expertise in the best Captains, mates and boats to hire is without exception. My only complaint is that we haven’t had the opportunity to meet and especially “to fish” with Fred!

We would not trust our valuable vacation time to anyone else!

Rick and Rebeca Weisenburger
Crystal River, Florida



When Fred told me about a fishing trip of a lifetime, I was skeptical. You really cannot truly understand or visualize it, but let's give it a try, shall we? When I say we doubled with sailfish numerous times a day or went eye-to-eye with a fish at 20 feet (that's close), you cannot really get the picture. When 100 sailfish a day for a week are caught and released by a group of fishermen, you are starting to get what I mean.

All you can think about is the heart thumping, jumping and the beautiful colors of these animals along with the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Your mind and body are far, far away from where you started. A real world apart.

This is an experience everybody should have and with Fred and Adventure Sportfishing, you just increased your odds. I'll bet on Fred every time. Don't think for a moment that I forgot the inshore roosters and their family and friends. It's like apple pie and ice cream all warmed up. An experience of a lifetime from beginning to end.

Aron L. Brock



I would like to thank you again for booking my fifth trip, since strating in 1992. Your 5-star service has impressed our group of guys immensely. We have fished all over the world and through many charter and travel agents, but you and your team always excel in many ways, such as pick-up and delivery to the site, boats, crew, accomodations and most of all, expeditious problem solving with the inevitable "glitches" that occur with international travel. I have and continue to recommend you and your company to all of my serious fishing buddies in Florida, Ohio and Kansas.

J.D. Allen
Naples, Florida



Dear Fred,

I would share with your customers a wide spectrum of supportive information that would favorably reflect on you personally and the quality of Adventure Sportfishing as a company that has continuously provided superior services for the past 20 or so years. While there are many booking agencies to choose service from today, there are only a handful that have the on-location and direct fishing knowledge for each of the represented areas. Fred Stephens and Adventure Sportfishing is one of those agencies and unquestionably, at the top of the class. From my desk, you and Adventure Sportfishing are a valuable asset and credit to the sportfishing industry.

Sportfishing entertainment/charters has been the mainstay of my career,starting some 50-plus years back as a deckhand at then, Oceanside Sportfishing, Oceanside, California, and then followed by an expansion to San Diego as a captain for long range sportfishers and general manager for H&M Landing in 1969, then the world's largest sportfishing operation. In1972, tiring of the required office rigors, I branched out to private sportfishing charter yachts that included fishing from Nigeria to Australia and all of the west coast of Mexico, border to border. In 1984, Cortez Yacht Charters was born as a by-product of helping a skipper/friend and past crew member, establish a new yacht charter business. By 1986, I was in full swing of sportfishing charters, with a focus on San Diego & Mexico, and had my first privilege of talking with FRED STEPHENS.

Fred was a refreshing young man and the right person for the sportfishing industry. An individual that truly liked the sport and the customers and had a unique ability to recognize the client's fishing needs and wishes and detail out superb fishing programs in far away places, focusing on Costa Rica, Panama, Alaska and later, Mexico.

I remember that we immediately established an excellent working relationship that rapidly moved into friendship, and has now spanned more than 20 years. You have built an excellent charter sportfishing business that you have earned and deserved and could only have survived all of those years through detailed attention to your customer's sportfishing requirements and requests. Your customers are lucky to have a quality agent that is genuinely caring about the sportfishing customer.

Larry Edwards
Cortez Yacht Charters




Fred Stephens and Adventure Sportfishing has been without a doubt the best U.S. sportfishing agency J.P. Sportfishing Tours (Quepos-Costa Rica) has had since our begining in 1990. Fred's professionalism made us the number one option for sportfishing in Costa Rica and gave us a location on the map of sportfishing by connecting us with a very extensive list of clients that return year after year completely satisfied.

Personalized service and complete positivity characterizes Fred's Adventure Sportfishing which has been a perfect blend for our services here in Costa Rica. Adventure Sportfishing is and will continue to be our bridge to the U.S. market.

Jeannette Perez (JP)
JP Sportfishing Tours
Quepos-Costa Rica



As a freelance outdoor writer/photographer for Marlin, Salt Water Sportsman, Sport Fishing and other publications, I have had the opportunity to fish in 18 countries and 9 states and have experienced the best and worst that traveling has to offer the adventurer. Over the last 40 years of “trial and error” I have learned that it is extremely important to enlist the services of a professional outfitter who can act as a clear voice of reason, provide factual travel information with reasonable expectations and who has enough experience to assist you in working out any problems or challenges that always seem to arise. Fred Stephens, owner of Adventure Sportfishing, is one of those guys that you can rely on to deliver an honest evaluation of your travel goals and make things happen for you with the least amount of hassle.

My first booking with Fred was in November of 1994 on a trip to Panama fishing on the M/V Coral Star. This was a true adventure and we were both able to fish together on the same gameboat. After a full week of fishing you sure get to know someone and I was impressed with Fred’s calm demeanor, ability to work with a variety of people and accomplish our fishing objectives. Since then Fred has organized trips for me to Fiji, Mexico, Costa Rica and other exotic places and has always given me the “straight scoop” on what to expect both good and bad which is a hallmark of his operation and is appreciated by any traveler who wants to avoid disappointment coming from false expectations. I highly recommend Adventure Sportfishing for those who want to get the most out of a fishing trip of a lifetime while minimizing the negative aspects of travel.

Tony Pena
“The Roving Angler”



Dear Fred,

Every child has a dream ... and you along with Adventure Sportfishing were instrumental in seeing that Tommy's dream came true with your generous gift of setting up a donated trip of a full day of fishing in Costa Rica.

Tommy and his family had the most amazing time! They rode horses to a waterfall, visited the beach, and a volcano, zip-lined, but most importantly fished and caught an estimated 60 lb Mahi-Mahi. He was thrilled, as was his sister who caught one a bit smaller.


They were able to take the fish back to their hotel where the chef prepared it about eight different ways, and shared it with everyone else at the restaurant. In Tommy's words "it was the trip of a lifetime".

Fred, the Children's Dream Fund could not continue our mission of making dreams come true for children with life-threatening illnesses without the generous support of individuals such as you, who went above and beyond working with me, even through all of the date changes we had to make due to Tommy's mom becoming ill. You made sure that they had the best boat and crew, and kept me informed of their progress. Thank you for partnering with us to make this happen, and for helping to give Tommy, and his family, some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Sandra Hardin
Dream Coordinator
May 15,2008

Adventure Sportfishing

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