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True Adventure Sportfishing Stories

After professionally arranging international sportfishing travel for twenty-five years, Fred Stephens owner of Adventure Sportfishing, shares his seldom seen vantage point into the exciting, hilarious and sometimes ridiculous innerworkings of the world of international sportfishing travel.

Experience the world's top sportfishing destinations through the eyes of a seasoned travel outfitter.

"True Adventure Sporfishing Stories" will take you on one trip-of-a-lifetime after another to Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Baja, South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Cocos Island.

A must read for any sportfishing travel enthusiast!

The perfect gift for all Big Game fisherman!

Selected Excerpts


Adventure Sportfishing


By this time it was late at night, I was exhausted. All we had to do was load the gear into the boat and then I could get some rest. The boats were moored in the Salinas Bay directly in front of the Pesca Tours office separated by a wide expanse of deep sand beach. We carried the gear from the office to the shoreline, back and forth, then by dingy to the boat and we were finally on our way. Motoring out into the unknown darkness was the safest feeling I had since arriving in Ecuador.

"Dove" Manta, Ecuador

Clay Wearing Camo-Boat-Wear

Clay proceeded to strip down to his Speedo bathing suit and swat team boots, his pasty white body was covered with long black hair, and he proceeded to cover every pore with some kind of white creamy sunscreen. It was pouring so hard that you couldn’t see thirty feet from the boat. Once Clay got all lathered up with sunscreen he walked out to the cockpit and sat in the plastic fighting chair, the boat went over a swell and Clay slipped right out of the chair and onto the deck, he was sliding around completely out of control like a slippery fish. It was just too much, the guys from San Diego and I were laughing hysterically, the mate went back to help Clay who couldn’t seem to get up on his own, he helped Clay get back into the fighting chair as we held on to our guts from laughing so hard, we were trying to contain ourselves, but it was impossible.

As we exited Chatham Bay we headed west to go counter clockwise around the Island, as soon as we started heading along the northern coastline of Cocos the essence of the island revealed itself. The jungle covered sheer cliffs rose straight up from the ocean to a thousand feet. Waterfalls poured off the top falling all the way to the sea with misty trails of plumage creating rainbows from each waterfall. At any given moment there were at least four to six cascading waterfalls within our view. Hardwood trees of sixty feet hung precariously over the edge. Palm trees of all different types covered the cliffs. What seemed like millions of birds soared from their perches in the trees to snack on whatever interested them in the ocean. Frigates, Boobies and White Pelicans were everywhere. A foamy disturbance created by a school of skipjack was enough to cause hundreds of boobies to soar off the cliffs to investigate with frigates always-there ready to steal a meal.

Wahoo Rock, Cocos Island

Black River Boats

As the boat left the dock the next day the setting couldn’t have been any more dramatic. The sun coming up from behind the stunning La Morne headland with a brilliant color fade from inshore to offshore water, it was the epitome of a world class fishing destination. Adrenaline pumped as we set the lines for day two. We had the kind of nervous energy that only an angler knows. Everything is ready and you can sense that something big is about to happen. It’s almost impossible to sit still.

The little island was surrounded by a gorgeous barrier reef that had a small cut in the reef that had to be navigated carefully. Lots of coral bomees loaded with ulua just waiting to tear up some fishing tackle. The island was like a huge bush sticking out of the water, solid foliage from the water up. On the leeward side was a small bay with solid rock sides, there were cement steps formed onto the rock with a drawbridge like dock system that rose and lowered to and from the water, it was the only way onto the island. Up in the tree line I could see a Robinson Caruso looking tree house made from Bamboo and palm fronds, it was a true hideaway island. It was a special getaway spot for people who did not want to be found.

Dog-Tooth Tuna

Heading Out to Zane Grey Reef

Just as I stepped into the cabin a large blue marlin flew by the side of the boat and landed directly on the right outrigger lure. Unfortunately the line had somehow wound itself around the rod tip. When the blue marlin grabbed the lure it took all of about two seconds for the slack in the line to come tight against the rod tip. The line snapped with the sound of a gunshot, which woke Mike up!


Adventure Sportfishing

Adventure Sportfishing
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Adventure Sportfishing